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Production method of seaweed fertilizer

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Generally, it can be divided into chemical hydrolysis method (ie potassium hydroxide hydrolysis method), physical extraction method, biological fermentation method (ie enzymatic degradation method), etc. There are also biological active substances extracted from the waste of seaweed industry, and then scientifically formulated to fertilizer.

      The extraction method has a great influence on the content of active substances and nutrients in the product, and even if the content of nutrients is the same, the content of active substances may vary greatly. If the active ingredients of seaweed can keep their original state to the greatest extent, then its use effect is the best. At present, the best method for producing seaweed organic fertilizer is cold cell rupture technology, which can keep the activity of seaweed active substances to the maximum extent, followed by biological The degradation method can well preserve the activity of active substances, while the chemical hydrolysis method is poor.

1. At present, most domestic and foreign manufacturers mainly use chemical hydrolysis to produce seaweed fertilizer. The biggest disadvantage of chemical hydrolysis method is that strong alkali and high temperature destroy the activity of endogenous substances in seaweed. There are many such products, such as cheap products produced by small domestic manufacturers. Seaweed fertilizer.

 2. The principle of the biological fermentation method is to use a variety of enzymes produced by microorganisms in the metabolic process of using seaweed as nutrients to degrade the macromolecular substances that constitute seaweed into small molecules and water-soluble substances, because there is no chemical method in the fermentation process. Strong alkali and high temperature can well preserve the activity of active ingredients in seaweed. Some seaweed fertilizers imported from Ireland and Norway are produced by this method.

3. The physical extraction method uses the pressure difference cold cell blasting process to achieve the purpose of breaking the seaweed cell wall, which can preserve the activity of the active ingredients in the seaweed cell liquid in its original flavor, and maximize the effect of seaweed fertilizer. The whole production process does not add any foreign material. The seaweed fertilizer produced by the method is of high quality and good quality.

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