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Preventive measures for oilseed rape collapse

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Preventive measures for oilseed rape collapse

1、Choose double-low oilseed rape varieties that are resistant to collapse and disease and adapted to local cultivation. Good varieties that are resistant to collapse mostly show well-developed root systems, sturdy stalks, moderate plant height, compact plant shape, strong resistance to adversity and fertiliser tolerance.

2, according to the characteristics of varieties and local climatic conditions, reasonable arrangements for the sowing period and the right amount of sowing. The cultivation of rape is divided into transplanting and direct seeding, transplanting rape should be reasonably dense, transplanting can not be too shallow to avoid exposing the root system, can be timely cultivation of soil to enhance resistance to fall; direct seeding rape should be timely seedling, early seedling, cultivate strong rape seedlings.

3, scientific fertilization, pay attention to the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium formula fertilization, seedlings with the right amount of nitrogen fertilizer to promote early development of strong, mid to late growth according to the growth of rape supplement nitrogen fertilizer, potassium fertilizer to ensure robust growth of rape, boron deficiency or boron sensitive varieties to pay attention to the application of boron fertilizer. In addition, additional silicon fertilizer, conducive to plant dwarf, stalk thickening, conducive to improving the ability of oilseed rape to resist collapse.

4, reasonable water management, autumn and winter if drought, watering drought, to ensure that the rape seedlings healthy growth; after the beginning of spring rain, pay attention to clear the ditch drainage.

5. Prevent pests and diseases, focus on the control of root rot and botrytis, especially botrytis, and spray once at the beginning of flowering and once at the flowering stage.

6. Spray growth regulators such as polyconazole during the shoots to enhance plant resistance and prevent late collapse.

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