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Prevention And Control Of A Variety Of Soybean Diseases, Multi-site Microbial Fungicide Approved in Brazil

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Brazilian soybeans have been affected by so-called "end-of-growing diseases" (DFC), which can cause up to 100% of crop losses. According to experts, these diseases include leaf blight (Cercospora kikuchii), brown spot disease (Septoria glycines) and target spot disease (Corynespora cassiicola).

In this context, Biotrop revealed to AgroPages that the registration of its microbial fungicide Bombardeiro has been approved. The product adopts a multi-action site formula, which has knockdown and residual effects on diseases that affect plants.

The multiple modes of action of this product are the key to controlling these diseases. While producing bactericidal metabolites (antibiotics), it can also inhibit the germination of conidia and quickly colonize the leaf circle. In addition, the contained Bacillus velezensis, Bacillus pumilus and Bacillus subtilis jointly promote the formation of biofilms on the colonization surface and induce systemic resistance to pathogens. , Thereby protecting plants and promoting crop growth.

In the 2019/20 production year, Biotrop conducted dozens of evaluations in various research institutions. According to Ederson Santos, a biologist and product portfolio manager of the company, Bombardeiro's control efficiency is 52%, which is the same as its direct competitors. In terms of plant health, Bomberdeiro is better than the control group on average.

Products also perform well in terms of productivity. The evaluation results show that the yield can be increased by nearly 9 bags per hectare, and soybean productivity has increased by 13%. Bombardeiro's test result was 79sc/ha, its direct chemical competition product was 77sc/ha, and the control product was 70sc/ha.

The fungicide also contains a protective additive, which can improve the adhesion of the product and promote the product to spread more effectively in the leaf system. "This additive is very important. It can protect microorganisms from the effects of sunlight (ultraviolet rays), make the bacillus grow faster, enhance the protective effect, and enhance the residual knock-down effect,"

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