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Precautions when using fertilizers and pesticides on vegetables

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Here are a few misunderstandings. I hope everyone can pay attention to avoid making such mistakes:

Mistake 1: Choose fertilizers and pesticides, and pursue quick results. If some foliar fertilizers contain similar or nitrogen-based fertilizers, just a few days after spraying. However, this kind of rapid growth is sometimes only excessive, and it is very likely to cause an imbalance in vegetative growth and reproductive growth, resulting in a decline in yield. Another example is some biological pesticides such as abamectin insecticides and Bt, etc., because they only kill eggs or inhibit insect molting, it is not easy to show obvious effects.

Mistake 2: blindly use newly introduced pesticides and fertilizers. Take pesticides as an example. Although the use of new pesticides can avoid the emergence of resistance to certain diseases and insect pests, many pesticides are currently dominated by mixtures, and the amount of pesticides used will be increased when used, and phytotoxicity will occur. At the same time, certain pesticides and fertilizers have not been promoted, and their effects are not well understood, and problems are prone to occur.

Mistake 3: The amount of excessive pesticides, organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers is several or even ten times the applicable amount, which often causes phytotoxicity and fertilizer damage, which not only increases production costs, but also seriously affects the quality and yield of vegetables. At the same time, excessive application of one or several chemical fertilizers can also cause soil salinization.

Mistake 4: Failure to prescribe the right medicine and rationally fertilize this is a common problem in the current production. Due to the lack of knowledge of plant protection and soil fertilizer, the disease cannot be diagnosed correctly, but drugs and fertilizers are used blindly. Especially when vegetables lack a certain kind of nutrition, another kind of fertilizer is often wrongly applied. This not only fails to supplement nutrition, but may cause single salt harm instead.

Mistake 5: Mixed use of multiple pesticides, mixed use of several agents with micro-fertilizers, insecticides, virusicides, etc., not only affects the efficacy of the medicine, but even produces phytotoxicity and affects the growth of crops. 

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