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Precautions when storing unused fertilizer

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Nine precautions should be taken when applying the remaining fertilizer storage.

1. Note that chemical fertilizers cannot be stacked in the open air, and chemical fertilizers should be placed in a cool and dry place inside the house.

2, pay attention to the fertilizer not to get wet. When nitrate ammonia gets damp, the "water" is lost, and the superphosphate will form hard lumps when it gets damp. Therefore, the fertilizer should be tightly wrapped with plastic or linoleum, and the fertilizer should not be exposed to the source of moisture.

3, pay attention to the fertilizer can not be heated. Keep the temperature below 30°C.

4, pay attention to the volatilization of chemical fertilizers. Ammonium bicarbonate has poor stability and is easy to decompose and volatilize. When the temperature is higher than 20°C, it will decompose into ammonia, carbon dioxide and water and cause loss. Therefore, check whether the packaging is damaged, handle it with care, and take as much as you use.

5, pay attention to fire prevention. It should not be stacked with combustible materials such as kerosene, gasoline, straw, wood chips, etc. during storage.

6, pay attention to explosion prevention. If it is mixed with metal powders such as copper and iron, once it is rubbed and hit, it will cause an explosion.

7, pay attention to anti-corrosion. When storing, try not to touch it directly, or place it naked in a metal container, or put it together with crop seeds and clothing, so as not to affect the germination rate and corrosive items.

8, pay attention to prevent poisoning. Wear masks and gloves, and wash bare skin after handling.

9, pay attention to prevent misuse. Fertilizers should not be mixed with pesticides, human and animal drugs, edible items (such as sugar, salt), etc., to avoid misuse. 

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