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Precautions for using chemical fertilizers and farmyard manure together

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Its advantages are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

It can make the nutrient supply more durable. Chemical fertilizer is characterized by high nutrient content, fast fertilizer effect but short duration, single nutrient; most of the farm manure has rich nutrient types, but the content is low, the fertilizer effect is slow and the duration is long. Therefore, the mixed application of chemical fertilizers and farmyard manure can complement each other.

It can reduce nutrient fixation and improve fertilizer efficiency. Chemical fertilizers, especially phosphate fertilizers, are easily fixed by the soil after being applied to the soil, thereby reducing the availability of nutrients. If it is mixed with farm manure, the contact surface of chemical fertilizer and soil can be reduced, thereby reducing the chance of being fixed by soil and improving fertilizer efficiency.

It can conserve nutrients and reduce the loss of chemical fertilizers. The solubility of chemical fertilizers is large. After application, it will cause a higher osmotic pressure on the soil, which will affect the absorption of nutrients and water by crops, and increase the chance of nutrient loss. If mixed with farmyard manure, it can improve the absorption of nutrients by crops and reduce nutrient loss.

It can adjust the pH of the soil, improve the soil structure, farmyard manure can increase the buffering capacity of the soil, adjust the pH, so that the acidity of the soil is not too high.

It can promote microbial activity, increase soil nutrients, and improve soil vitality. Farm manure is the raw material for microbial life, and chemical fertilizers provide inorganic nutrients for microbial growth and development. The mixed use of chemical fertilizers and farmyard manure can promote the activities of microorganisms in the soil, thereby promoting the decomposition of organic fertilizers, increasing soil nutrients, and at the same time continuously renewing soil organic matter and improving soil physical and chemical properties.

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