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Precautions for growing white radish

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What kind of fertilizer is used to grow white radish?

1. White radish can grow better only if its roots are deep, so the loose and permeable soil is more suitable for its growth. Therefore, before planting white radish, one thing is to plow the land deeply, and then increase the soil fertility by applying sufficient base fertilizer. Generally, about two thousand kilograms of decomposed farmhouse organic fertilizers are used as base fertilizers per mu, and appropriate compound fertilizers are supplemented.

2. To grow radish well, compound fertilizer is indispensable. Once we have enough base fertilizer to meet the basic nutritional requirements during growth, we have to use appropriate amount of compound fertilizer to promote the growth of radishes faster and better. When preparing compound fertilizers, the scientific ratio of potassium fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer and nitrogen fertilizer is 2.6:0.4:1.

3. When planting white radish, the commonly used trace element fertilizers are calcium fertilizer and magnesium fertilizer. When you grow white radishes, you sometimes encounter hollow radishes. This is because the calcium in the soil is overdrawn after long-term planting of radishes, and the radishes cannot absorb enough calcium when they grow. Hollowness will occur, and calcium fertilizer must be added in time at this time. Sufficient absorbable magnesium in the soil can improve the quality of radishes and make the main nutrient element—radiotene content higher. Therefore, when planting radishes, it is usually necessary to apply calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other trace element fertilizers.

4. Foliar fertilizer can promote the growth of white radish leaves, prevent the aging of the leaves, and promote the development and growth of rhizomes. Generally, boron fertilizer is used in two sprays, the second is at the stage of radish seedlings, and the second is at the stage when the leaves are growing vigorously. Common boron fertilizers with better effects include borax solution and boric acid solution.

When will it be planted?

The suitable time for sowing is from June to August. Use on-demand sowing, sowing 4 to 5 seeds per hole, and the seeds should be scattered in the hole. The plant distance is about 23 cm, and then covered with a layer of 2 cm of fine soil to prevent seeds. Drought affects the emergence of seedlings.

White radish should not be thinned too early. When the seedlings grow 3 true leaves, the thinning is carried out once, leaving 2 seedlings in each hole, and the second time is when the seedlings grow to the 5th true leaf, leaving 1 seedling in each hole. At the same time, it is combined with cultivating to promote the growth of the root system and the loosening of the soil. 

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