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Precautions for fertilizing tomatoes

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What kind of fertilizer is used to grow tomatoes?

Tomatoes are fertilizer-tolerant, so they need a lot of fertilizer. Tomatoes have a long growth period, and they need to absorb a lot of nutrients from the soil throughout the growth period, mainly nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Potassium is more, followed by nitrogen, and phosphorus is less. Topdressing should be based on its growth characteristics and reasonably topdressing fertilizers can ensure high quality and high yield of tomatoes.

How to fertilize?

1. Extract seedling fertilizer. In order to promote the rapid growth of tomatoes after planting, it can be combined with planting water or slow seedling water for top dressing, such as decomposed human feces, ammonium sulfate, seedling special fertilizer, etc. Topdressing seedling fertilizer for weak growth or early-maturing varieties can promote early plant growth, increase fruit setting rate, and avoid flower and fruit drop.

2. Early fruit fertilizer. When the ear fruit is about to mature, in order to promote the ripening of the fruit on the ear, topdressing the first fruit fertilizer, apply 5kg of high-nitrogen and high-nitrogen water-soluble fertilizer per acre with water.

3. Sheng fruit fertilizer. When the second ear fruit is harvested, the tomato harvest has entered the peak season and requires more nutrient supply, so pay attention to additional fertilizers. If there is a lack of fertilizer in the full fruit period, the plants will be defertilized and prematurely senescence, and the fruits of the next few ears will develop poorly. For top dressing in fruit-bearing period, 5kg of high-potassium water-soluble fertilizer plus 20kg of polymerized amino acid microbial inoculum per mu can not only ensure the nutrients required for fruit expansion, but also improve the environment around the rhizosphere.

4. Push fruit fertilizer. When the plant enters the fruiting period, when each ear of fruit sets fruit and begins to expand rapidly, appropriate top dressing should be combined with watering. This is the key link of top dressing, and the amount of top dressing should be appropriately larger. 

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