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Precautions for fertilizing passion fruit planting

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What kind of fertilizer is used to grow passion fruit?

Passion fruit grows vigorously and has a large amount of growth. It can be planted in the same year and can bear fruit in the same year, so the demand for fertilizer is relatively large. In particular, the current pressure of passion fruit virus disease and stem base rot has increased. Many orchards have changed to one type per year. If the fertilizer cannot keep up, the output cannot be guaranteed.

Passion fruit requires a large amount of nitrogen and potassium, followed by phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. In addition, it also needs trace elements such as boron, zinc, iron, manganese, and molybdenum. At different periods, passion fruit has different nutrient requirements. For example, when the bud grows, the nitrogen consumption is large; the demand for phosphorus, boron, magnesium and other elements increases during the flowering period; potassium and calcium should be supplemented when the fruit is colored.

Passion fruit is a shallow-rooted plant. The topdressing is too close to the root system, excessive fertilization, too high concentration, and the application of immature organic fertilizers, etc., may cause fertilizer damage, especially during the seedling stage, where fertilizer damage occurs more frequently.

How to fertilize?

During the flowering and fruiting period of passion fruit, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer or NPK compound fertilizer shall be applied to the roots every 15-20 days, and potassium fertilizer shall be applied. Each time, 40-80 kg of water-soluble humic acid fertilizer shall be applied per acre. Chongshi Kabao 4-8 kg, evenly spread on the soil around the roots of the passion fruit plant, and then cultivate a thin layer of soil to cover the fertilizer, or apply Chongshi Kabao water-soluble fertilizer 8-12 kg per acre , The roots are more than 5 kilograms, after adding 150-300 times of clean water, evenly sprinkle it in the soil around the roots of the passion fruit plant, and it is advisable that the fertilizer solution completely penetrates into the soil and does not flow out.

In addition, it is necessary to spray the ten-element, Jiamu Fengshou 800 times amino acid active liquid fertilizer mixture or 800 times the peptide potassium every 7-10 days to evenly spray all the stems, flower buds and fruits to start water It is advisable for the beads to drop down, supplementing various nutrients from the leaf surface, which is beneficial to promote the growth of stems and vines and flower and fruit development, promote the growth of stems and vines, promote flower buds, promote pollination and fertilization, increase fruit setting rate, promote fruit development, and make The fruit is full and lustrous, delays the premature senescence of plants, prolongs the life of the vines, guarantees the continuous blooming and fruiting of the vines, and prolongs the harvest period. 

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