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Precautions for fertilizing cucumber in greenhouse

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What kind of fertilizer is good for greenhouse cucumbers?

The nutrient requirements of cucumbers in the early stage of growth are small, and with the advancement of the growth period, the nutrient absorption increases significantly, and the absorption peak is reached at the fruiting stage. During the whole growth period, the absorption of nitrogen nutrients continued to increase, and the fruit harvest period increased sharply. Cucumbers are nitrate-nitrogen-loving crops. When only ammonium nitrogen is supplied, the leaves become smaller, the growth is slow, and the absorption of calcium and magnesium. Decrease, and the physiological obstacle of calcium deficiency often occurs, which reduces the yield. Cucumber's absorption of phosphorus is relatively small in the early stage, and increases in the fruit swelling period and the harvest period. Use Zuoguoling. Cucumber absorbs more potassium, followed by nitrogen.

Cucumbers are suitable for cultivation on loose, fertile, and air-permeable soils. Heavy soils are not conducive to the development of cucumber roots. Soils with high organic matter content can balance the contradiction of cucumber roots' preference for moisture but not waterlogging and fertilizer but not fertilizer. The growth cycle of cucumber is roughly divided into the germination period, the seedling period, the vine period and the flowering and fruiting period.

The amount of fertilizer applied per mu during the whole growth period of cucumber is 400~450kg of commercial organic fertilizer, 14~18kg of nitrogen fertilizer, 6~8kg of phosphate fertilizer, and 9~11kg of potash fertilizer. , Phosphate fertilizers are all used as base fertilizers, and chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers are mixed.

How to fertilize?

Cucumber has a shallow root system and is relatively weak. If the concentration of fertilizer is too high, it will cause root burning. Cucumbers should eat less and more meals when applying chemical fertilizers. The base fertilizer should be 25-30 kg diammonium and 23-27 kg potassium sulfate per mu. Topdressing is required at any time during the growth of cucumbers. The total amount of topdressing is 47-53 kg of urea and 52-58 kg of potassium sulfate per mu. The time of top dressing is generally based on control in the early stage, and in the late growth period, combined with irrigation and picking, topdressing nitrogen and potassium fertilizers every 7 to 10 days (or use equal nutrient flushing fertilization).

The foliar fertilizer is generally used in the fruiting period, and the nutrients in the early stage are sufficient. After fruiting, reproductive growth is vigorous, and the amount of fertilizer required is large. Moreover, at this stage, the temperature is lower, the root activity is poor, and the ability to absorb nutrients is reduced. In order to meet the needs of normal fruiting, foliar spraying of fertilizer can supplement the plants. The nutrients needed.

In the mid-winter season, when the growth point is stagnant, it is necessary to spray the lifter in time. Mepiquat and other agents, add 50ml of this product to 15kg of water to promote normal cucumber growth. In the middle and late stages of cucumber growth, plant growth appears to be weak, and the tops should be sprayed in time. Mepiquat, mix 25ml of this product with 15kg of water, spray the whole plant or irrigate the roots evenly to prevent premature aging of the plant.

Increasing the application of organic fertilizer and biological bacterial fertilizer, and appropriately reducing chemical fertilizers are the inevitable choices for the production of pollution-free green food. Applying 8 kg of high-quality bio-organic fertilizer at one time to the newly built shed can make the cucumbers grow robustly, with more melons sitting, long melon strips, and prolonging the picking period.

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