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Precautions for fertilizing autumn radish

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What kind of fertilizer should I use for autumn radish?

When planting autumn radishes, the application of basal fertilizer is very important. Adequate basal fertilizer is the main measure to ensure the high yield of radish. When we apply the base fertilizer, we must choose the appropriate type and amount according to the soil and planting varieties. For example, when growing autumn radish in the Yangtze River Basin, farmhouse manure is generally used as the base fertilizer. But it is not allowed to apply basal fertilizer alone, otherwise the autumn radish will easily grow long and the quality will not be very good. Therefore, we must also pay attention to the appropriate amount of fertilizers such as phosphorus and potassium fertilizers and barnyard manure. In addition, phosphate fertilizer can be applied to the holes before planting, and an appropriate amount of superphosphate per acre can be applied to effectively increase the yield of autumn radishes.

How to fertilize?

Under normal circumstances, the base fertilizer should be applied to about 2800 kg of manure, with 50 kg of plant ash and about 30 kg of superphosphate. When preparing the ground, mix it with the soil, and then apply about 3000 kilograms of farmyard manure. Rake the soil to make a border, promote the growth of autumn radish seedlings, increase the rate of strong seedlings, and enhance the growth of autumn radish fleshy roots. When applying basal fertilizer, be sure to pay attention to the full maturity of farmyard manure to avoid burning the main roots of the seedlings. While ensuring the growth and nutrition of seedlings, it is also necessary to avoid fertilizer damage.

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