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Precautions for deep fertilization

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How long is the fertilizer effect?

Ammonium bicarbonate: fertilizer effect period is 15 days;

Ammonium chloride: fertilizer effect period is 25 days, after defertilization;

Urea: the fertilizer effect period is 45 days;

Compound fertilizer: fertilizer effect period is 90 days;

Biological fertilizer: The effect is not obvious on crops with a long growth cycle, but the fertilizer effect can last for 6 to 8 months;

The growth of crops is regular, and the roots are deep in order to have luxuriant leaves. Rooting in the early stage, long stalks in the middle stage, and fruiting in the later stage. If fertilizer is unreasonable or hormones are used, when the root system is growing, the stems and leaves will grow strong and the root system will be weak. No matter how prosperous the leaves are, it is only an appearance, and the result will only lead to premature aging and death of crops.

The way of deep fertilization?

1. Plowing and deep application

This is a way of deep application of base fertilizer. The method is to drain the field water to near dryness before plowing the field, then spread the fertilizer evenly on the field surface, plow and rake level, and then plant the seedlings.

2. Deep surface application

This is another way of deep application of base fertilizer. The method is to spread the fertilizer on the field after planting the seedlings after a plow, and then raking the field and planting the seedlings.

3. Deep application of ball fertilizer

This is a way of top dressing. The method is to make a ball fertilizer in a certain proportion of chemical fertilizer, mud and water, each weighing about 100 grams. Top dressing is to stuff a ball of fertilizer into the middle of every 4 seedlings, with a depth of 7-10 cm.

4. Deep liquid application

This is another way of top dressing. The method is to mix chemical fertilizer or farmyard manure with water into a fertilizer solution, and then use a fertilizer applicator to apply it to the soil to a depth of about 10 cm. There are mainly the above methods for deep fertilization of rice. Among them, the effect of deep application of ball fertilizer is good, and the better application of deep fertilization is topdressing.

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