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Potassium nitrate industrial use

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1.1 The main product potassium nitrate (KNO3)

1.1.1 Properties of Potassium Nitrate

Potassium nitrate is an important inorganic chemical product and a high-quality chemical fertilizer without chlorine nitrogen and potassium. It is a secondary oxidant. It is a colorless transparent orthorhombic or trigonal crystal or white powder, with a specific gravity of 2.109 (16°C) and a melting point of 337 ~339°C, at 400°C, oxygen is decomposed to form potassium nitrite, and potassium oxide is formed by continuing to heat. Potassium nitrate causes combustion and explosion when contacting and colliding with flammable substances and organic substances, and emits toxic irritating gases. When heated with carbon or sulfur, it can emit strong light and burn violently. Molecular formula KNO3, molecular weight 101.11, soluble in water, Diluted ethanol and glycerol, but insoluble in absolute ethanol and ether, not easy to deliquescence in the air.

This project adopts high and new technology to produce crystalline granular products. In addition to the above properties, it also has the characteristics of high grade, good physical properties and convenient use.

1.1.2 Application of potassium nitrate in agriculture

Agricultural potassium nitrate fertilizers are mainly used for chlorine-avoiding economic crops, such as tobacco, tea, fruits, vegetables, flowers, sugar cane, coffee crops, etc., and can also be used for crops affected by harsh climates, so that they can quickly absorb nutrients and restore growth. Potassium nitrate is also commonly used in seasonal crops and winter crops, especially for fertilizing crops in saline-alkali areas, which can significantly improve crop yield and quality. The application of potassium nitrate as an agricultural fertilizer has the following advantages:

(1) Potassium nitrate is a high-quality nitrogen (N) potassium (K2O) binary compound fertilizer, which contains N13.5~13.9%, K2O44~46%, and the total valuable elements can reach about 60%, all of which are nutrients. Does not contain other harmful impurities, can be used for any crops, and has broad-spectrum adaptability.

(2) The nitrogen element contained in potassium nitrate is nitro nitrogen. Nitro nitrogen can promote the absorption of potassium and other cations. Nitro nitrogen can quickly provide nutrients to crops at any temperature, so it is suitable for winter crops.

(3) Since potassium nitrate does not contain other invalid chemical components and salts, and Cl-, SO42-, Na+ plasma, it is especially suitable for crops that are sensitive to chloride ions (Cl-), and will not be affected by salts in the soil. The accumulation of soil salinization and compaction, or crop disease caused by the accumulation of salt in the roots of crops.

(4) Potassium nitrate has the characteristics of easy solubility and no hydrogen release. Its active ingredients can be quickly absorbed by plants without increasing the acidity of the soil. Even in dry soil, its fertilizer efficiency will not be affected in any way.

(5) Potassium nitrate is suitable for various fertilization methods. Since this product is not volatile, it can be directly applied to the surface of the soil without covering, which is extremely beneficial to crops in the growing period. Due to its high solubility, this product can be used as an ideal liquid fertilizer. It can be used in drip irrigation, canal irrigation and foliar spraying when combined with nitrogen and phosphorus. It is not only suitable for modern large-scale agricultural operations, but also reduces the dosage and reduces cost.

1.1.3 Industrial application of potassium nitrate:

The performance of industrial-grade potassium nitrate is exactly the same as that of agricultural potassium nitrate. The only difference is in purity. At present, there is no agricultural potassium nitrate standard in my country. With reference to the American standard, its KNO3 content is 96%, while the industrial-grade potassium nitrate requires a KNO3 content of 99.7%. (Excellent), 99.4% (Level 1) and 99% (Qualified).

Industrial potassium nitrate is mainly used as industrial raw materials, used in gunpowder, fireworks, fuses, matches, metal welding auxiliaries, ammonia catalysts, used in medicine as diuretics, perspiration agents, cooling agents and the production of penicillin potassium salts, rifampin Medicine, also used in glass products, optical glass, ceramics, computer and color TV glass bulbs and other industries. It also has certain applications in the food and machinery industries.

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