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  • High Quality Fertilizer Potassium Sulfate
    Product: Potassium sulfate<br />Molecular formula: K2SO4<br />Molecular weight:: 174.24
  • Potassium Sulfate Fertilizer
    Product: Potassium sulfate<br />Molecular formula: K2SO4<br />Molecular weight:: 174.24
  • Water Soluble SOP Fertilizer Potassium Sulphate
    FORMS OF SOP Potassium sulfate is like most potash fertilizers, in that it can be processed into a variety of different particle sizes and forms to meet various market needs; it is typically available in the form of powder, compaction granules, or round pellets/granules. POWDERED POTASSIUM...
  • High Purity 98% Industry Grade Potassium Sulfate
    Potassium Sulfate contains potassium (K) and sulfur (S) – two of the essential nutrients that plants require to achieve optimum growth and reach their maximum potential. Nearly every major plant physiological function depends on one or both of these nutrients and here, in the highly available...
  • Potassic Fertilizer Sop Fertilizer Potassium Sulfate
    A booming population, combined with many other factors, has put market traction around potassium sulfate (K2SO4) in recent years. Data Bridge Market Research estimates that the potassium sulfate market will exhibit a CAGR of 5.5% between 2017 to 2024, landing at 10,535.84 thousand tons by 2025....
  • Agricultural Grade Potassium Sulfate
    Potassium sulfate has low hygroscopicity, is not easy to agglomerate, has good physical properties and is convenient to apply. It is a good water-soluble potassium fertilizer. Potassium sulphate is especially suitable for economic crops that avoid chlorine and potassium, such as tobacco, grapes, sugar beets, tea trees, potatoes, flax and various fruit trees. It is also the main raw material for making chlorine-free nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium ternary compound fertilizer.
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