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Potassium Nitrate Transparent Prism

The ratio of K and N is 1:3, which is in line with the average crop uptake ratio. So it can be absorbed by the crop and promote the absorption of other elements(Ca, Mg).It can be used at the peak of crop demand.
Product Description

Products: Agricultural Potassium Nitrate

Molecular formula: KNO₃

Relative molecular mass: 101.10



(1) The ratio of K and N is 1:3, which is in line with the average crop uptake ratio. So it can be absorbed by the crop and promote the absorption of other elements(Ca, Mg).It can be used at the peak of crop demand.

(2) No sodium chloride and no harmful substances.

(3) It can solve the compaction problem of soil of soil acidification and long term use of fertilizers.


Manufacturers typically make potassium nitrate fertilizer (sometimes referred to as nitrate of potash or NOP by reacting potassium chloride (KCl) with a nitrate source. Depending on the objectives and available resources, the nitrate may come from sodium nitrate, nitric acid or ammonium nitrate. The resulting KNO3 is identical regardless of the manufacturing process. Potassium nitrate is commonly sold as a water-soluble, crystalline material primarily intended for dissolving and applying with water or in a prilled form for soil application. Traditionally, this compound is known as saltpeter.


(1) Increasing the yield: to provide adequate potassium fertilizer for crop growth, significantly improve the photosynthesis and yield. Yield increase by more than20%.

(2) Improve the quality: the fruit can be colored bright, fast expansion. Fruit type is positive. The fruit sugar also increase which taste pure and sweet.

(3) The best fertilizer resistance: improve crop resistance. The ability of anti disaster, drought, salt and acid.


It mainly used to make compound fertilizer in agriculture area, which is especially good for mango, tobacco, fruit and rubber.

Applications of KNO₃ to the soil are made before the growing season or as a supplement during the growing season. A diluted solution is sometimes sprayed on plant foliage to stimulate physiological processes or to overcome nutrient deficiencies. Foliar application of K during fruit development  advantages some crops, since this growth stage often coincides with high K demands during the time of declining root activity and nutrient uptake. It’s also commonly used for greenhouse plant production and hydroponic culture.

Non-agricultural uses

Potassium nitrate has long been used for fireworks and gunpowder. It’s now more commonly added to food to maintain the quality of meat and cheese. Specialty toothpastes often contain KNO₃ to alleviate tooth sensitivity. A mixture of KNO₃ and sodium nitrate (NaNO₃) is used for storing heat in solar energy installations.


25/50kg plastic woven bag or paper bag with PE inner bag, or according to the requirements of customers.



Superior product

First class

Qualified product

Potassium content

% ≥




Total nitrogen content

% ≥




Chloride content

% ≤





% ≤




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Our Advantage

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