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Post-harvest fertilization tips

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1. Why apply confinement fertilizer?

1. Supplement the nutrient consumption of the tree body and restore the tree vigor; enhance the frost resistance; promote the continued development of flower buds and prevent large and small leaves.

2. Store nutrients for flowering and budding in the coming year.

3. Autumn is the peak growth period, so fertilizing is conducive to multiple roots and promotes more flowering and fruiting in the coming year.

2. When to apply fruit picking fertilizer?

A better time is from September to October, when the leaves are intact, the temperature is suitable, the photosynthesis is good, and the root system absorption and utilization rate is high.

1. Early and mid-ripening varieties are applied immediately after the grapes are harvested;

2. Late-maturing varieties can be applied when more than 80% of the fruits have turned color. If fertilization is applied too early, root cutting will affect the color change. If applied too late, the leaves will fall off and the absorption effect will be poor.

Third, what kind of fertilizer is good?

1. A large number of elements (19-19-19 balanced type)

2. Medium and trace elements (calcium, can be sprayed with foliar fertilizer, can be flushed)

3. Organic fertilizer (in the case of full fermentation, the more the better, the better is soybean meal and fish meal.)

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