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Pomegranate fertilization time and method

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Pomegranate fertilization time and method

First, the type of pomegranate fertilization

Base fertilizer is an important fertilization work of pomegranate fertilization, sufficient base fertilizer is to ensure the healthy growth of pomegranate, improve the fruit rate of the key.

Base fertilizer is generally based on farmyard manure and compound fertilizer, which is usually applied in autumn after harvesting.

The amount of fertilizer directly determines the growth of pomegranate trees, and is closely related to the yield of pomegranate.

Second, pomegranate fertilization management techniques

1. Spring fertilization

In spring, the root vigor of pomegranate tree increases, while new shoots sprout, spread leaves and flower bud differentiation.

Pomegranate tree in the spring to English growth, adequate nutrition is to ensure the foundation of the growth of the year, so in the spring fertilization should be mainly nitrogen fertilizer.

In order to ensure sufficient nutrition, it should be applied as early as possible in spring to promote the new sprouting of pomegranate trees and enhance the tree potential of pomegranate trees.

2. Fertilization in summer

In the summer, fertilization should be based on nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other compound fertilizers in the spring.

Depending on the tree strength and age of the pomegranate tree. For example, the strong trees should have less or no fertilization, while the weak trees should have more fertilization.

Fertilization in summer should be done before the flowering period, and then boron fertilizer should be applied outside the roots as appropriate.

3. Fertilization in autumn

Fertilization in autumn is usually carried out before harvesting by root chasing, combined with pest and disease control, followed by mid-tillage work.

The fertilizer is mainly organic fertilizer, mixed with a small amount of nitrogen.

The fertilizer is also combined with pruning to enhance photosynthetic capacity and improve the nutrient accumulation of the tree to help the pomegranate tree overwinter and prepare for the next year's flowering and fruiting.

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