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Pharmaceutical Grade dimethyl sulfoxide dmso

Product: Dimethyl sulfoxide(DMSO)<br />
Molecular formula: C2H6OS <br />
Relative molecular mass: 78.13
Product Description

Pharmaceutical Grade dimethyl sulfoxide dmso Application in medical treatment

Pharmaceutical Grade dimethyl sulfoxide DMSO has solution properties and permeability to many drugs. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, promotes blood circulation and wound healing, and has diuretic and calming effects. It can increase drug absorption and improve curative effect, so it is called "panacea" abroad. Various drugs are dissolved in DMSO and can penetrate into the body without being taken orally or injected, which opens up a new way of administration. More importantly, it increases the local drug content in the diseased area and reduces the harm of other drugs in the body. There are many medical research reports abroad. In China, Shenyang College of Pharmacy, Beijing Institute of Materia Medica, and China Drug Testing Center conducted comprehensive toxicological tests and pathological anatomy in the 1960s to prove that half of China’s DMSO is LG50 ( 22.4±1.4) g/kg, which is basically the same as 21.4g/kg reported in foreign literature, is non-toxic and consistent with the findings of pathological anatomy. The Beijing Institute of Materia Medica used sarcolysin, B518, C6323, N-A and other pharmaceutical research institutes used sarcolysin to localize tumors, and achieved good curative effects and significantly inhibited tumor growth. In animal experiments, after anatomical testing, the local drug concentration was 2 to 8 times higher than other drug concentrations. Foreign studies believe that cancer cells have a keratinous protective film that prevents drugs from entering. DMSO has the ability to dissolve and penetrate keratin, so it can improve the efficacy. In the 1960s, 160 medical units such as Peking Union Medical College Hospital conducted clinical trials and opened special outpatient clinics in Benxi. A large amount of data has been accumulated. Practice has proved that it is effective for neurodermatitis, psoriasis, arthritis, bursitis, folliculitis, rheumatoid, otitis media, Rhinitis, accessory inflammation, toothache, herpes zoster, hemorrhoids, sprains, lumbar muscle strain, burns, trauma, etc. are all effective. It has been widely used in external medicines such as Guyouling, beriberi medicine, Fuhydrosong ointment and other external preparations in major hospitals. The Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences uses DMSO to dissolve "Pas" to treat equine-borne anemia and parasitic diseases. Especially in traditional Chinese medicine extraction preparations, the content of useful components is increased and the efficacy is improved.


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