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Pharmaceutical Grade DMSO

CAS number: 67-68-5

MDL: MFCD0002089
einecs number: 200-664-3

RTECS PV6210000

BRN number: 506008

PubChem number: 24893703
Product Description

Product:Pharmaceutical Grade DMSO

CAS number: 67-68-5

MDL: MFCD0002089

einecs number: 200-664-3

RTECS PV6210000

BRN number: 506008

PubChem number: 24893703



Pharmaceutical Grade DMSO Property and stability:

1. Colorless liquid, flammable, almost odorless, with a bitter taste. This product is a high polar organic solvent, can be mixed with any proportion of water, in addition to petroleum ether, soluble in general organic solvents. 30% hydrogen chloride (by weight) ; 30% nitrogen dioxide (by weight) ; 65% sulfur dioxide (by weight) at 20 °C. Strong hygroscopicity, at 20 °C, when the relative humidity of 60% , can absorb from the air equivalent to 70% of its own weight of water. The product is a weak oxidant and water free Dimethyl sulfoxide is non corrosive to metals. When containing water, it is corrosive to iron, copper and other metals, but not to aluminum. Alkali stabilization. Heating in the presence of acid produces small amounts of methanethiol; Formaldehyde; dimethyl sulfur; methanesulfonic acid and other compounds. Under the high temperature has the decomposition phenomenon, meets the chlorine to be able to take the intense reaction, Burns sends out the light blue flame in the air.

Chemical Property: DIMETHYL sulfoxide is reduced to methyl sulfide. Oxidation to dimethyl sulfone by strong oxidant

2. Intense exothermic decomposition occurs when Dimethyl sulfoxide is in contact with acyl chlorides such as cyanuric acid chloride, benzoyl chloride, acetyl chloride, phenyliodoyl chloride, thionyl dichloride, thionyl chloride, phosphorus trichloride, etc. . Combine with nitric acid to form (CH3)2so NHO3. It reacts with Barium carbonate to regenerate the DIMETHYL sulfoxide. React with concentrated hydrogen iodic acid to form dimethyl sulfur compound.

3. The Dimethyl sulfoxide is absorbent and needs to be dried before use.

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