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Peanut seed saving tips

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While harvesting peanuts, pay attention to the selection and retention of good seeds to ensure that the next year to capture the peanut yield. The following is a small introduction to some of the skills of peanut seed retention.

Special attention should be paid to the selection of seeds, to choose with the characteristics of the species, neatly branched, concentrated and full of results of the plant pods as seeds. The following symptoms of the plant, the pods can not be used as seeds.

1. Greedy late plants. Such plants are stunted in the early stages, but later they grow too vigorously, not only late, but also less fruit, and the fullness of the fruit is poor.

2. prematurely weakened plants. Peanut pods are not yet mature, while the ground plant is prematurely senescent, the accumulation of organic material in the seeds is not sufficient, as seeds with not only a low germination rate, but also lose the characteristics of the species, directly affecting the yield.

3. Diseased plants. The pods of plants suffering from wilt, leaf spot and rust disease will not only spread the disease when used as seeds, but also produce weaker seedlings.

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