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Paris International Food Fair Welcomes Yunnan Agricultural Products

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The prestigious Paris International Food Fair in France ushered in China Yunnan Pu'er tea, small grain coffee and other special agricultural products, 17 food exhibition also focused on Sino-European agricultural cooperation, the first time to discuss the "China-European Geographical Indication Agreement".

As one of the most influential exhibitions in the global food industry, this year's Paris International Food Fair opened on October 15, Yunnan Province for the first time with special agricultural products, geographical indications products and other appearances at the exhibition.

From Pu'er tea to small grain coffee to Yunnan pickles and black truffle sauce, the special agricultural products were all over Yunnan's booth; the staff told CNN that they were surprised that perhaps the sweet and sour taste was "just what they wanted" and Yunnan pickles were very popular at the show.

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