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Pakistan Plans To Expand Mango Exports, Which Are Expected To Reach US$277 Million

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According to Pakistani media sources, Pakistan plans to increase its mango exports twofold, with exports expected to reach US$ 277 million.

Pakistan is the world's leading producer of mangoes, producing about 1.8 million tonnes of them each year. However, due to transportation and storage problems, only about 100,000 tonnes are exported each year, accounting for only 5.5% of the country's total production and a total export value of about US$100 million.\

Pakistani mangoes were first exported to China in 2019, and the volume of exports has been increasing rapidly every year since. However, due to high transportation costs and poor ripeness and appearance of the mangoes, the scale and price of exports are far less than other imported mangoes. This year, the first batch of mangoes arrived in Kunming by air at the end of May, and the scale of exports to China is expected to reach 100 tonnes this year.

Mangoes from Pakistan are mainly produced in the provinces of Punjab and Sindh, and are available for 5-6 months, with the market concentrated between May and August each year. There are hundreds of varieties of mangoes in the region, but only 25-30 are actually grown commercially.

Despite the huge potential of Pakistan's mango industry, droughts caused by climate change are threatening the local growth of mangoes. This year, mango production in Pakistan is expected to fall by 50% due to the unusual heat and drought and severe water shortages.

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