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Other Uses Of Urea

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1. Adjust the amount of flowers

In order to overcome the size and size of the apple field, in the small year, 5-6 weeks after flowering (the critical period of apple flower bud differentiation, the new shoot grows slowly or stops, and the nitrogen content of the leaves is decreasing). , Spray twice, can increase the nitrogen content of leaves, accelerate the growth of new shoots, inhibit the differentiation of flower buds, and make the flower quantity suitable for the new year.

2. Thinning flowers and fruits

The flower organs of peach trees are more sensitive to urea, but the reaction to noodles is slower. Therefore, foreign countries have used urea to thin peaches and nectarines. The results show that peaches and nectarines need a higher concentration for flower and fruit thinning. (7.4%) in order to show good results, the most suitable concentration is 8%-12%, within 1-2 weeks after spraying, that can achieve the purpose of thinning flowers and fruits. However, under different land conditions, different periods and different varieties of responses need to be further tested.

3. Rice seed production

In hybrid rice seed production technology, in order to increase the outcrossing rate of the parent parent, increase the number of hybrid rice seed production or the number of sterile lines, the female parent is generally sprayed with red toxin to reduce the degree of necking of the female parent. It is completely extracted; or sprayed on the parents to adjust the growth of the two to synchronize their flowering. Because gibberellin is more expensive, its seed production cost is high. People use urea instead of gibberellin for experiments. 1.5%-2% urea is used in the full booting stage and heading stage (20% heading). Its breeding effect is similar to that of gibberellin and does not increase plant height.

4. Prevent pests

Use 4:1:400 parts of urea, washing powder and clean water, stir and mix well to prevent aphids, red spiders, cabbage worms and other pests on fruit trees, vegetables, cotton, and the insecticidal effect is more than 90%.

5. Urea iron fertilizer

Urea forms a chelated iron with Fe2+ in the form of a complex. This organic iron fertilizer has a low cost and has a good effect on preventing iron deficiency and chlorosis. In addition, 0.3% urea is added when 0.3% ferrous sulfate is sprayed on the foliage, and the effect of preventing chlorosis is better than that of single spraying 0.3% ferrous sulfate.

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