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Nitrogen Granular Fertilizer

Nitrogen fertilizer is a kind of chemical fertilizer containing the nutrient nitrogen of crops. Element nitrogen plays a very important role in crop growth.
Product Description

What is nitrogen fertilizer

Nitrogen fertilizer is a kind of chemical fertilizer containing the nutrient nitrogen of crops. Element nitrogen plays a very important role in crop growth. It is a component of amino acid, a component of protein and a component of chlorophyll which plays a decisive role in plant photosynthesis. Nitrogen can also help crops to grow apart. The application of nitrogen fertilizer can not only increase the yield of agricultural products, but also improve the quality of agricultural products. Nitrogen fertilizer is also a kind of inorganic salt.

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Function of nitrogen fertilizer

nitrogen fertilizer is a chemical fertilizer containing the nutrient element nitrogen of crops. The main functions of nitrogen fertilizer are to increase the total biomass and economic yield, to improve the nutritional value of agricultural products, especially to increase the protein content in seeds, and to improve the nutritional value of food. Nitrogen is the main component of protein in crops. Without nitrogen, there would be no nitrogen protein, and without protein there would be no life of all kinds. In plants, the protein-rich parts (such as seeds) also contain more nitrogen; the protein-poor Parts (such as aging stems) also have less nitrogen. Not only that, nitrogen is also a component of chlorophyll and many enzymes. Chlorophyll is essential for photosynthesis in crops, and enzymes are the catalysts for the transformation of various substances in crops. NUCLEOPROTEINS and alkaloids also contain nitrogen. It can be seen that nitrogen plays an important role in crop nutrition. Crops Begin to absorb nitrogen from the first real leaves.

When the nitrogen fertilizer was not enough, the crops showed as follows: the plants were short and weak, the leaves were yellow-green, yellow-orange and other abnormal green, the basal leaves gradually dried and withered, the roots had few branches, and the tillers of cereal crops were significantly reduced, even not tillers, the young panicle differentiation is bad, the branch is few, the panicle shape is small, the crop is remarkable early senescence and precocious, the yield is reduced.

When the nitrogen fertilizer is applied excessively, the crops generally display in: the growth is too luxuriant, the axillary bud is born unceasingly, the Tiller is often too many, hinders the normal development of the reproductive organ, as a result postpones the maturity, the leaf assumes the thick green, the stem leaf tender succulent, the content of Soluble non-protein nitrogen in the body is too high, easy to be damaged by diseases and insects, easy to fall down, grain of cereal crops is not full (1000-grain weight is low) , blighted grain, crop yield is reduced.

Urea is now the main nitrogen fertilizer in common use. Urea is an organic nitrogen fertilizer, which can be absorbed and utilized by crops only after it is hydrolyzed to ammonium carbonate or ammonium bicarbonate by urease reaction in the soil. The final product of urea decomposition in soil is ammonium carbonate, which is very unstable. FREE AMMONIA is formed in soil or soil surface and is easy to volatilize. As with other nitrogen fertilizers, urea application time should be in the morning or evening, preferably after rain or overcast days, avoid sunny noon application. Urea is a unit fertilizer, should be applied with phosphate fertilizer or other fertilizer, so as to meet the needs of crops for various nutrients, but also play a role in the assistance between fertilizers.



25/50KG woven bag lined with plastic bags, or according to the requirements of customers.

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