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Nitrogen Fertilizer Storage Method

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1. Urea is the fertilizer with the highest nitrogen content among solid nitrogen fertilizers. It has relatively stable physical and chemical properties and has no effect on soil properties after application. It can be applied to any soil and crops, and can be used as extra-root fertilization. At the same time, urea is also an important raw material for resin, plastic, explosives, medicine, food and other industries.

2. Urea can also partially replace protein feed. For example, it can be poured into dairy cow green feed to replace part of protein feed, but the amount of urea added should not exceed 3% of the green feed and 1% of the total feed. Otherwise, the burden of the livestock’s kidneys will be too heavy, which is easy to cause Disease, soy cake contains urease, do not mix with urea.

3. If urea is stored improperly, it will easily absorb moisture and agglomerate, which will affect the original quality of urea and bring certain economic losses to farmers. This requires farmers to store urea correctly. Be sure to keep the urea packaging bag intact before use, handle it with care during transportation, prevent rain, and store it in a dry, well-ventilated place with a temperature below 20 degrees.

4. If it is a large amount of storage, the bottom should be padded with a wooden square about 20 cm, and there should be a space of more than 50 cm between the upper part and the roof to facilitate ventilation and moisture, and leave aisles between the stacks. To facilitate inspection and ventilation. If the urea that has been opened in the bag is not used up, the bag opening must be sealed in time to facilitate use next year.

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