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Nitrogen Cycle

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Therefore, on the one hand, the increase in the total amount of residual nitrogen in the soil can promote the activities of various microorganisms in the soil, the release of soil nitrogen and the increase in crop yields.

With the increase in the amount of nitrogen applied to the farmland, it also increases the nitrogen dissipation from the soil to the atmosphere and hydrosphere, and strengthens the various ways that can cause nitrogen loss. Therefore, generally speaking, the higher the amount of nitrogen applied to the farmland, the higher the intensity of the nitrogen cycle.

Correspondingly, there will be two mutually complementary effects of high crop yield and low nitrogen efficiency and high loss, and vice versa. In view of this, people often use the annual nitrogen balance of farmland as an indicator of the nitrogen cycle intensity under a certain ecological condition of fertilizer nitrogen.

Of all the nitrogen absorbed by crops during their lifetime, 50% to 80% comes from the soil, which varies with crop types, soil nitrogen supply conditions and nitrogen application amount, fertilization period and other factors.

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