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Nitrogen Content Of Crops

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Nitrogen is a nutrient element of special importance in plant life. The average content of nitrogen in plants accounts for about 1.5% of the dry weight, and the content ranges from 0.3% to 5.0%.

The distribution of nitrogen in plants is generally concentrated in the most active parts of life activities (new leaves, meristems, reproductive organs). Therefore, the adequacy of nitrogen supply and the quality of plant nitrogen nutrition affect the growth and development of plants to a large extent. 

Some stages of the growth of crops require a lot of nitrogen and nitrogen nutrition is particularly important. For example, the division period of gramineous crops, the ear differentiation period, the bud and boll period of cotton, the mass growth of economic crops and the formation period of economic products, etc. Ensuring normal nitrogen nutrition at these stages can promote fertility and increase production. 

The nitrogen that enters the crop body may also be lost through the secretion of soluble nitrogen (such as the leaf droplets secreted by the tip of rice leaves) and the volatilization of nitrogen. This loss mainly occurs at the top of the crop, especially during the flowering to mature period.

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