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N solution

Product Description

Urea liquid fertilizer contains three nitrogen sources: nitrate nitrogen, ammonium nitrogen and amide nitrogen.

Main specifications:

Technical indicators: total nitrogen ≥422g /L

Among them, nitrate nitrogen ≥ 120 g/L;

Ammonia nitrogen≥120 g/L

Amide nitrogen ≥182 g/L

The production of UAN solution began in the United States in the 1970s and has been widely used.

In 2012, the global production of UAN solutions exceeded 20 million tons, of which the United States accounted for two-thirds of global production, 13.6 million tons, France 2 million tons, and other countries such as Canada, Germany, Belarus, Argentina, United Kingdom, Australia And the output of other countries is 1 million tons.

my country is a big country in the production of nitrogen fertilizers, but the production of UAN solution is basically blank, and some existing enterprises have begun to produce.

There are generally 3 grades of UAN solutions sold in the international market, which are 28%, 30% and 32% of nitrogen.

Different content corresponds to different salting-out temperature, suitable for sale in different temperature regions.

The salting-out temperatures of 28% N, 30% N and 32% N are -18°C, -10°C and -2°C, respectively.

In UAN solution, the content of nitrate nitrogen is usually 6.5 ~ 7.5%, ammonium nitrogen is 6.5 ~ 7.5%, and amide nitrogen is 14 ~ 17%.


Until the 1960s, ammonia and liquid ammonia were widely used in the United States due to the emergence of irrigation and fertilization machines.

Because these two kinds of liquid nitrogen fertilizers have safety problems, they have special equipment and operation requirements during storage, transportation and use.

UAN solution is a stable product under normal pressure, and the requirements for equipment and operation are lower than ammonia.

In addition to ammonium nitrogen, this solution also contains other forms of nitrogen.

It is also better than ammonia in the effect of fertilization.

In particular, ammonium nitrate raw materials are dangerous as solid raw materials, but the use of urea solution eliminates its flammability and explosiveness and is very safe.

Therefore, ammonium nitrate urea solution is more popular than liquid ammonia in the market.

Ammonium nitrate urea solution concentrates three nitrogen sources in one product, which can take advantage of multiple nitrogen sources.

Nitrate nitrogen can provide a direct nitrogen source for rapid absorption by crops.

Part of ammonium nitrogen can be absorbed by soil colloid immediately, and part of it can be adsorbed by soil colloid, which prolongs the fertilization efficiency.

Urea takes time to hydrolyze and is usually used as a long-acting nitrogen fertilizer, especially at low temperatures.

In order to reduce the leaching loss of nitrogen, nitrification inhibitors and urease inhibitors are often added to the ammonium nitrate urea solution.

In foreign countries, UAN solution is mainly used for top dressing in various irrigation systems, such as mobile sprinkler irrigation, micro-sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation and other applications.


Our company has a complete production capacity of UAN solution in China.

Theoretically, any factory that produces both urea and ammonium nitrate can produce UAN solution.

Imported products are currently on the market, and the positioning is still high-end liquid water-soluble fertilizer.

Since the application of mixed water can greatly improve the utilization of nitrogen, the dosage is reduced by half compared with the conventional urea dosage.

When using an irrigation system, pay special attention not to over-irrigate and only moisten the roots, otherwise it will cause nitrogen leaching and reduce fertilizer efficiency.

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Q1.What are the liquid nitrogen fertilizers at room temperature?

A1,ammonia, ammonium nitrate solution, etc.

Q2,what is liquid nitrogen fertilizer

A2,liquid nitrogen fertilizer is mainly divided into two categories, one of which is widely used is liquid ammonia. The so-called liquid ammonia refers to liquid ammonia obtained by pressurizing or cooling gaseous ammonia. This liquid nitrogen fertilizer removes the energy-consuming process of ordinary nitrogen fertilizer concentration and crystallization.

Q3 what kind of fertilizer is uan

A3,UAN  Fertilizer (UAN)

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