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Monoammonium phosphate in fire fighting applications

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1) Extinguishing agent

Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate dry powder extinguishing agent is highly efficient, safe and clean, universal, while friendly to the environment, has been generally welcomed by the domestic and international firefighting community. In recent years, scientific researchers have done a lot of research on the preparation and modification of ultra-fine ammonium dihydrogen phosphate dry powder fire extinguishing agent. By using the vibration ball milling method, the ultra-fine ammonium dihydrogen phosphate dry powder extinguishing agent with a particle size of about 10 μm was produced by adding the appropriate amount of CA-type grinding aid and dispersant, and then the surface modification was carried out by using the silicification process with methyl hydrogen-containing silicone oil as the surface modifier, and the final product had good hydrophobicity and strong anti-caking properties, with a fire extinguishing agent injection rate of 98.7%, fire extinguishing time of 3 s and an average fire extinguishing dosage of 60 g/m3. Spherical hollow superfine ammonium dihydrogen phosphate fire extinguishing agent was prepared by centrifugal and air spray drying methods respectively. The product prepared by the air spray method had small particles but poor uniformity, while the product prepared by the centrifugal spray method had uniform particle size but coarse particles. Spray drying method of preparation of the product fire extinguishing time is short, the critical fire extinguishing amount of less, fire extinguishing performance is much better than the commercially available fire extinguishing powder.

2)Fire retardant

Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate as a new excellent inorganic flame retardant polyammonium phosphate or composite flame retardant preparation of a basic raw material, in the field of flame retardants have a good application. Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate and urea are used as raw materials, and I-type ammonium polyphosphate products are obtained through foaming, polymerization and curing. The degree of polymerization of the product is 52.08, and the quality fraction of ammonia nitrogen and effective phosphorus reaches the national standard, which are 14.32% and 69.53% respectively, and the flame retardant rate is 49.94%.

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