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Medicinal Uses Dimethyl Sulfoxide

Product: Dimethyl sulfoxide(DMSO)<br />
Molecular formula: C2H6OS <br />
Relative molecular mass: 78.13
Product Description

Application in gas separation

In petroleum processing, chemical tail gas recovery, and gas separation, DMSO is used as a gas separation solvent for the soluble properties of DMSO for aromatics, alkynes, sulfides, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide.


Application in synthetic resin

DMSO is used as the polymerization solvent of polysulfone resin in production. DMSO has solubility for many natural resins and synthetic resins, and it can dissolve nylon, polyester and polyvinyl chloride resins at moderate heat. DMSO is used in the processing of artificial leather. It can also be used as a cleaning agent for polyurethane reactors and a solvent for acrylonitrile copolymerization.

Application in coking by-products

In anthraquinone production, used for anthracene refining. Adding DMSO to anthracene oil to extract refined anthracene, the content of one-time extraction can reach to more than 98%, and the DMSO is recovered without water back extraction and the process is simple. It is also used outside China in naphthalene refining, and is used to recover organic sulfur compounds in coke oven gas separation.

National Highway uses DMSO as extraction additives for gold, platinum, niobium, tantalum, rhenium and radioactive elements to improve selectivity, solubility and low-temperature crystallization antifreeze.

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