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Many Vietnamese Companies Set Foot in The Field Of Seaweed Processing

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Vietnam has a diverse marine ecosystem and is suitable for the development of seaweed farming, but so far has not fully exploited the potential of high-value production chains.


Industry experts believe that in order for the seaweed farming industry to develop effectively and sustainably, it is necessary to have a high-quality breeding and research and development base. In addition, promote the application of high and new technology in production to improve the yield and quality of seaweed; adopt a certification system for the quality of cultured seaweed to ensure biosafety and ecological environment safety.


In addition, relevant departments and banking systems need to introduce preferential loan policies and support policies to encourage small-scale seaweed farmers to integrate into sustainable production chains.


Duan Mou, who has 27 years of experience in seaweed farming (who lives in Shanhai Village, Fuying Township, Shunnam County, Ninh Thuan Province), said that seaweed species and sales are the two decisive factors for the sustainable development of the seaweed farming industry. Duan's family owns an area of about 5,000 square meters of Kapha algae cultivation, which has brought the family an income of more than 100 million VND.


Long-stemmed Vitis vinifera was introduced to Khanh Hoa Province in 2004 and successfully cultivated in the province, with a potential cultivation area of about 400 hectares. At present, the cultivation area of P. long-stemmed is about 100 hectares, and the annual output is 10-20 tons per hectare.


According to the statistics of the Vietnam Fisheries Administration, the potential cultivation area of Kappa longiflora in Vietnam is about 900,000 hectares, which is equivalent to an annual output of 600,000-700,000 tons of dry Kappa longiflora. Of the more than 800 species of seaweed in the world, 90 are of economic value. Vietnam alone has 20 species of seaweed containing agar (for food processing); among them, the common seaweed species with high economic value are: long-stemmed grape fern, long-hearted kappa, gracilaria and other 7 species.


In Vietnam, 40% of fresh seaweed products are processed into white seaweed for consumption and sold all over the country. At present, more and more enterprises are getting involved in the field of seaweed processing, processing seaweed into higher value products.

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