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Management techniques for watermelon fruiting period

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Management techniques for watermelon fruiting period.

1、Watering methods

Watermelon fruiting period when the demand for water is relatively large, at this time must increase the amount of watering and watering times, when the soil is in a semi-dry state to timely watering through. Do not cause waterlogging when watering to avoid root composting and decay, and stop watering 1 week before harvest.

2. Watering precautions

Watering watermelon for the fruiting period can not be used directly from the tap water, must be received in advance from the tap water in the pool for resting, and so the chlorine in it completely evaporated before use, can also collect good rainwater or river water in advance for watering.

3, the use of boron fertilizer

Boron fertilizer for watermelon flowering, sitting fruit has a very key role, but can not be used in excess. Proper application of boron fertilizer can help bud differentiation, more pollen, more effective in preventing the hollow heart of watermelon and watermelon rind too thick problem. It is helpful in increasing the yield and improving the quality of watermelon.

4. Fertiliser precautions

Watermelon fruiting period needs to provide sufficient nutrients, otherwise the fruit will be difficult to expand, at this time can be increased nitrogen and potassium fertilizer. Fertiliser time is appropriate in the evening, to avoid the heat of the noon, watering times to keep once a week can be.

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