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Maize fertiliser requirement Fertiliser application techniques

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Maize is a high-yielding crop that requires a lot of fertiliser, so it is natural that fertiliser application is essential in maize growing. According to the law of corn fertilizer needs, take the corresponding fertilization techniques, is the key to corn planting to obtain high yields.

Corn fertilizer law

1, corn to nitrogen absorption is relatively smooth, to the peak of the male spitting, filling the mature stage absorption rate slowed down, the entire reproductive period are absorbing nitrogen fertilizer.

2, the whole reproductive period of corn are absorbing phosphorus fertilizer, is also in the more vigorous growth and development of the peak of the male spitting period, the later phosphorus absorption decline, but still account for about 1/3.

3, corn absorption of potassium, to pull up to the ears more, flowering period to reach a higher, after stopping the absorption of potassium, but due to potassium exudation outside the plant, potassium has a tendency to reduce.

Regulating agents etc. They are usually used in combination with other measures such as dosing.

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