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Main points of corn fertilization management

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Focusing on the demand for the three basic elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium at different times of maize growth

Corn in the process of growth mainly need nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium three elements and other trace elements, the three main elements in the different growth stages of maize demand is different. To achieve the goal of scientific fertilization, it is necessary to understand the law of fertilizer requirements.

1. Nitrogen. It is basically smooth throughout the growth period, generally peaking at the stalking and spitting stage and basically tapered off from the beginning of filling until the maturity stage, but maize is absorbing nitrogen throughout the reproductive period.

2. Phosphorus. Maize is also absorbing throughout its reproductive life, and like nitrogen fertilizer, it peaks at the stalking and spitting stage and then declines, but the amount of phosphorus required later in the season is also around one-third.

3, potassium. It rises slowly from nodulation to gestation, reaching a peak at flowering, after which it is no longer absorbed, but the potassium in the plant will tend to decrease due to extravasation.

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