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MAP 12-61-00 Applicable crops and irrigation ratios

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Applicable crops

Vegetable crops: tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, loofah, bitter gourd, sweet peppers, green beans, beans, cabbage, cabbage, lettuce, lettuce, green onions, garlic, leeks

Fruit crops: loquat, peach, grape, watermelon, cantaloupe, melon, apple, citrus, pear, banana, mango

Food crops: wheat, rice, corn, potatoes, sorghum, soybeans

Other crops: cotton, tobacco leaves, tea

Immersion rate

Irrigation roots (drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, flushing, etc.): 500-1000 times dilution (ie 1-2 kg per cubic meter of water), a small amount of multiple times is the best.

Foliar spray: 800-1200 times dilution. Small amounts work best.

Seedling stage: 1000-2000 times liquid flushing and drip irrigation, providing high-efficiency phosphorus source for seedlings, which is conducive to cultivating strong seedlings. ※ Transplanting period: After the crop seedlings are transplanted, 1000-2000 times of liquid flushing, root application and drip irrigation can promote root growth, slow down seedlings and improve plant resistance.

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