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Let Us Understand Humic Acid Together!

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Product Name: Humic Acid

Molecular formula: C9H9NO6

Properties: Humic acid (humic acid), black or dark brown amorphous powder, granules, flakes, slightly soluble in water but acidic, soluble in hot concentrated nitric acid and dark red. It reacts with alkali solution to generate soluble humate,


For soil:

• Soil amendments. Improve soil structure. Increase the ion exchange capacity of the soil.

• Enhance resistance to soil pressure, especially reducing the high salinity in alkaline soils.

• Increase nutrient absorption and increase the content of humus in the soil.

• Prevent the pollution of heavy metal ions and other harmful substances in the soil.

• Fertilizer efficiency enhancer. Greatly improve the utilization of nitrogen and phosphorus.


For plants:

 • Plant growth stimulants, promote root development and stimulate seed germination.

• Improve nutrient absorption by combining nutrients and humic acid, and maintain nutritional balance.

• Enhance the adaptability of crops. For example, resistance to cold, drought, pests and diseases and dumping resistance.

• Promote healthier, stronger plants and improve appearance.

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