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Korea-China-Poland, International Trains Are Dispatched For The First Time

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On the 25th, a train full of cargo such as auto parts and electronic products was sent from the China-Kazakhstan logistics base in Lianyungang, Jiangsu. It will travel west along the New Eurasian Continental Bridge, depart via the Khorgos port, and finally arrive at Malasević, Poland, marking the "Korea-China (Lianyungang)-Poland (Malasevich)" international For the first time, a whole train was sent out, and a new channel was added to the Lianyungang China-Europe train. According to statistics, from January to July, Lianyungang has opened 350 trains between China and Europe.

In recent years, with the in-depth advancement of the "Belt and Road" cooperation initiative, Lianyungang Port has used its own advantages to deeply cultivate the hinterland market of trains, actively expand the source of return goods, and promote the layout of the collection and distribution system of routes, terminals, stations, and trains to achieve The connection of ocean trunk lines, deep-water ports, China-Europe trains, and logistics depots. At present, the Lianyungang-Europe train line is being further encrypted, initially forming a "south-north double line" operation mode.

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