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Key points of management techniques for peach trees after flowering

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The Importance of Fertilizing Peach Trees After Blooming in Spring

Peach trees should be top-dressed after the flowers wither in the spring. This top-dressing is also called fruit-setting fertilizer. As the name suggests, this top-dressing is to protect the fruit and improve the fruit-setting rate of the peach tree. Then the peach tree will be top-dressed after the flowers are withered. Does fat really matter?

The answer is beyond doubt. We all know that whether it is a peach tree or other fruit trees, it consumes a lot of nutrients during the flowering period, and in the fruit setting period after flowering, if the supply of nutrients is insufficient, in order to maintain the normal growth of the tree, the fruit tree will divide Provide some nutrients to the tree.

At this time, the young fruit that has just formed will be difficult to grow due to lack of nutrients, resulting in fruit drop. Therefore, the fruit setting fertilizer after the peach tree has faded is very important.

How to apply topdressing peach fruit fertilizer to achieve high yield and good harvest?

1. Reasonable top dressing

Peach tree fruit-setting fertilizer should be topdressed between the peach tree blossom and the peach hard-core stage. During this period, topdressing should pay attention to nutrient balance, and nitrogen fertilizer or phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should not be applied alone.

A single top dressing is likely to cause small fruit and affect the taste of the fruit, which is not conducive to improving the yield and fruit quality of peach trees.

2. Fertilization method

When topdressing fruit-setting fertilizer for peach trees after flowering, it is also important to pay attention to the fertilization method. It is recommended to choose a combination of root application and foliar spraying for top-dressing fruit-setting fertilizer for peach trees.

When applying top dressing to the roots, pay attention not to ditch too deep. Peach trees are fruit trees with shallow roots, and their roots generally grow in 20-30 cm of soil.

When ditching and flushing, we must pay attention to the depth of the fertilization ditch not exceeding 30 cm. At the same time, the time period when the peach trees are topdressed with fruit-setting fertilizer, that is, the period from the flowering period to the hard-core period, is the time when the peach trees need fertilizer. exuberant period.

It should also be combined with foliar spraying of top-dressing fertilizer, which can better promote the expansion and color change of young fruit, and achieve the effect of fruit preservation.

3. Scope of fertilization

Special attention should be paid to the range of top dressing when applying fruit-setting fertilizer to peach trees. The root system of any plant has a strong ability to absorb fertilizer. It is the capillary root and the top of the root.

Therefore, if the peach tree is topdressed with fruit-setting fertilizer, if it chooses to irrigate the roots, it is recommended that the fertilization ditch should be on the periphery of the root system, not at the root of the peach tree.

Generally speaking, fruit farmers can determine the location of the fertilization ditch according to the size of the peach tree crown, which can not only improve the peach tree's nutrient absorption rate, but also promote the growth of the root system of the fruit tree.

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