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Key points of high-yielding strawberry varieties and field management techniques

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What are the high-yielding strawberry varieties Strawberry field management technology points.

Strawberry is a relatively common fruit in life, and different strawberry species have different fruit sizes, yields, and nutritional values.

I. What are the high-yielding strawberry varieties?

1、The average fruit quality of strawberry is 20.0g, and the larger fruit quality is 30.0g. The fruit is hard, hard to store and transport, and has a strong yield.

2、The average single fruit weight of Zhangji strawberry is 38g, and the larger is 115g. The average single fruit weight of the first-class sequential fruit is 40g, and the larger is 130g in the single fruit.

3, red strawberry is Japan's Shizuoka Prefecture to the chapter of the strawberry and Yukari cross breeding quality early maturity large fruit type varieties.

Second, strawberry field management technology points


Strawberry should be watered once after planting, once in the morning and once in the evening after planting, and then watered according to the soil condition to keep the soil moist for survival. Strawberry does not tolerate waterlogging, so pay attention to drainage during the rainy season.


Strawberry needs more fertilizer, in addition to the base fertilizer, but also timely chasing fertilizer, generally can be in the real expansion period and the beginning of the harvest mu strawberry special fertilizer or diammonium phosphate 10kg.

The principle of fertilization for strawberry picking field is to apply the right amount of nitrogen fertilizer, heavy phosphorus fertilizer and potassium fertilizer, and keep a reasonable ratio to obtain high yield and benefit.


Mulching can increase ground temperature, not only improve fruit quality, but also promote early maturity and increase yield. Generally, the mulching starts in mid to late March, and the dead leaves and old leaves on the plant must be removed before mulching.

4、Disease and pest control

Common diseases of strawberries usually originate from the roots, and most of them are caused by pathogens, which can be prevented and controlled by pharmaceuticals and other methods.

If pests and diseases appear during flowering, they should be sprayed in the period of less flowering.

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