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Key points of fertilizer and water management in garlic bolting period

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After garlic enters the bolting period, there are two peak periods of water and fertilizer demand. One is the bolting water and fertilizer in the bolting period; the second is the expansion water and fertilizer in the bulb expansion period.

The specific fertilization methods are:

1. Pour enough sedge water and sedge fertilizer.

Combined with watering, 25 kg of compound fertilizer per mu can be applied, and 25 kg of compound fertilizer per mu after 15 days. Because garlic is a sulfur-loving crop, the compound fertilizer can be selected as potassium sulfate type. This stage is generally watered every 5 to 7 days. Garlic should stop watering 3 to 5 days before picking sedges, and shallow hoe to loosen the soil, so that the plants are slightly wilted, so that the "mouth is loose" and it is easy to pick sedges. Pay attention to protect the leaves and roots when scalloping.

2. Pour the bulb swelling water and apply swelling fertilizer skillfully.

After harvesting, the garlic enters the bulb expansion stage, and it is necessary to water and fertilize in time to prolong the time of leaf photosynthesis, prevent premature aging of garlic leaves and affect bulb expansion. After bolting, the leaves can be sprayed with chitin, brassin, and nucleotide compound potassium dihydrogen phosphate, with an interval of 5-7 days, to protect the leaves and prevent premature aging.

The top dressing in this period is mainly nitrogen fertilizer, combined with phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, and 15-20 kg of urea or potassium sulfate compound fertilizer is applied per mu. Keep the soil moist to meet the water needs of garlic in the later stage, and stop watering about a week before harvesting to promote the accelerated transfer of assimilates from stems and leaves to garlic, and improve yield and quality.

3. Notes:

(1) During the bolting period of garlic, the vegetative body grows rapidly, all the leaves grow out, the leaf area reaches a large value, the garlic sprouts begin to be extracted, and the bulbs also begin to develop slowly. During this period, it is necessary to reduce the yellow tip of the leaves as much as possible, and use large amounts of water and fertilizer to promote seedlings, joints, and sprouts. Only with fat and water can promote the vigorous growth of plants, make pseudostems grow as thick as up and down, and obtain high-quality garlic sprouts, which is beneficial to Development of bulbs. If there is a shortage of water and fertilizer during this period, or the supply of water and fertilizer is not timely, it will hinder the growth of the plant, making the pseudostem and garlic sprouts thick and thin at the bottom, and it will be difficult to extract and break easily due to the "tight mouth" when picking sprouts, and will also affect the development of bulbs.

(2) Stop watering 3 to 5 days before picking sprouts, so that the plants are slightly wilted, so that the "mouths are loose" and it is easy to harvest sprouts. Autumn-sown garlic is harvested 7 to 10 days earlier than spring-sown garlic, and the yield can be increased several times.

(3) In the process of garlic management, it is necessary to strengthen the foliar spray of amino acid foliar fertilizer to prevent the leaves from yellowing and dry tips, which will affect the growth of the plant. At the same time, supplement medium and trace elements, improve the disease resistance of crops, increase production and income!

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