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K2SO4 Potassium Sulfate Potash Fertilizer

Potassium sulfate (K2SO4) is a salt composed of sulfate and potassium ions, usually colorless or white crystals, particles or powder.Odorless, bitter, hard.
Product Description

K2SO4 Potassium Sulfate Potash Fertilizer is a salt composed of sulfate and potassium ions, usually colorless or white crystals, particles or powder.Odorless, bitter, hard.Chemically inactive.It's stable in the air.Density 2.66g/cm 3.Melting point is 1069 ℃.Aqueous solution is neutral with a pH of about 7 at room temperature. 1g was soluble in 8.3ml water, 4ml boiling water and 75ml glycerin, but insoluble in ethanol.


Chinese name

K2SO4 Potassium Sulfate Potash Fertilizer



boiling point

1689 ℃Dense degree

Dense degree

2.66 g/cm3

Chemical formula




Melting point

1067 ℃


colorless or white crystals, particles, or powders


52% min


white powder

Potassium is a relatively abundant element in the Earth’s crust, and production of potash fertilizer occurs in every inhabited continent. However, K₂SO₄ is rarely found in a pure form in nature. Instead it is naturally mixed with salts containing magnesium, sodium and chloride (Mg, Na and Cl, respectively). These minerals require additional processing to separate their components. Historically, K₂SO₄ was made by reacting KCl with sulfuric acid. However, researchers later discovered that they could manipulate a number of earth minerals to produce K₂SO₄, now the most common method of production. For example, natural K-containing minerals (such as kainite and schoenite) are mined and carefully rinsed with water and salt solutions to remove byproducts and produce K₂SO₄. The mining industry uses a similar process to harvest K₂SO₄ from the Great Salt Lake in Utah and from underground mineral deposits.

Potassium sulfate is an excellent source of K nutrition for plants. The K portion of the K₂SO₄ is no different from other common potash fertilizers. However, it also supplies a valuable source of S, which protein synthesis and enzyme function require. Like K, S can also be too deficient for adequate plant growth. Further, Cl- additions should be avoided in certain soils and crops. In such cases, K₂SO₄ makes a very suitable K source.

Potassium sulfate is only one-third as soluble as KCl, so it’s not as commonly dissolved for addition through irrigation water unless there’s a need for additional S.

Several particle sizes are commonly available. Manufacturers produce fine particles (smaller than 0.015 mm) to make solutions for irrigation or foliar sprays, since they dissolve more rapidly. And growers find foliar spraying of K₂SO₄ a convenient way to apply additional K and S to plants, supplementing the nutrients taken up from the soil. However, leaf damage can occur if the concentration is too high.

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