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Innovative Technology Of Green And High Efficient Value-added Fertilizer

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In view of the prominent problems such as the easy loss of nutrients, poor fertilizer efficiency, easy weight loss and yield reduction of China's bulk chemical fertilizer products, the project of "development of new compound fertilizer and water-soluble fertilizer" has invented a new way of creating green and high-efficient fertilizer technology by the combination of micro-high-efficient bio-active organic synergist carrier and fertilizer science, to realize the comprehensive regulation and control of "fertilizer-like soil" system, to increase fertilizer utilization rate greatly, and to break through the important technology of "reducing weight and increasing yield" of urea, ammonium phosphate and compound fertilizer bulk fertilizer, the development of new green and high efficiency value-added fertilizer industry provides important products and industry support for promoting the green transformation and upgrading of chemical fertilizer in China.

The project initiated the new technology of urea, ammonium phosphate, compound fertilizer carrier synergic fertilizer, created humic acid, alginic acid, poly-amino acid carrier synergic urea, ammonium phosphate, compound fertilizer and other value-added products 24; It has set up 23 production lines with a total output of 4.6 million tons in such large enterprises as kaimen fertilizer industry and Zhonghai Chemical Co. , and has created 21 well-known brands of value-added urea and value-added compound fertilizer, such as zinc humic acid, Meilinmei and polyurethane zinc, and has applied 130 million mu, we will increase production by 3 billion kilograms and save 800,000 tons of fertilizer. The project obtained 47 patents for new products and 4 international patents, and formulated 8 national industry standards, such as urea containing humic acid and humic acid compound fertilizer Won 5 China Invention Patent Excellence Awards, 1 Beijing Science and Technology Award, 1 Shandong Province Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 Jiangxi Province excellent new products award; published an introduction to value-added fertilizers monograph 1.

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