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Industrial Uses Dimethyl Sulfoxide

Product: Dimethyl sulfoxide(DMSO)<br />
Molecular formula: C2H6OS <br />
Relative molecular mass: 78.13
Product Description

Application in the electronics industry

Industrial Uses Dimethyl Sulfoxide is used in the electrolyte of farad-level, ultra-large-capacity capacitors—liquid electric double-layer capacitors. The capacitors are only micro-farads, and this type of capacitors can reach 1 to 100 farads. Such as: Japan 3 ~ 5V 10F, American 1.6V 100F capacitors, used in solar power supply systems as energy storage components, electronic computers and robots information protection power supply and memory components. DMSO is widely used in the cleaning of electronic components and integrated circuits. It has the function of removing organics, inorganics, and polymers at one time, and is non-toxic, odorless, and easy to recycle.


Application in organic synthesis

Industrial Uses Dimethyl Sulfoxide plays a dual role of reaction solvent and reaction test in chemical reactions. It can smoothly carry out some unachievable reactions in DMSO, accelerate and catalyze some chemical reactions, increase yield, and reform product performance.

1. Nucleophilic substitution reaction: DMSO is a nucleophilic dissociation solvent for halogenated alkanes and sulfonate esters, which can generate adducts. The reaction rate is 155 times faster than that of general aprotic solvents. It occupies an important position in the alkylation reaction.

Alkyl halide reacts with inorganic cyanide to produce nitrile, which is not easy to react. In DMSO, the reaction speed is fast and the yield is high. Sodium nitrite and halogenated alkane or a-halogenated ester are converted into nitro compounds, which also has a similar effect.

Swarts reaction is not easy to prepare aromatic fluoride, but potassium fluoride and chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons in DMSO are easy to undergo substitution reaction to produce fluorine exchange with high yield. Bromobenzene and potassium tert-butoxide in DMSO can generate phenyl tert-butyl ether without heat.

2. Elimination reaction: benzyl alcohol and aliphatic tertiary alcohol generate dilute in DMSO, and sulfonate and alkyl halide are heated in DMSO to generate alkene. The Cope elimination reaction can proceed smoothly in DMSO at room temperature, and the reaction speed is 105 times faster than in water.

3. Electrophilic substitution reaction: The electrophilic substitution reaction on some saturated carbon atoms in DMSO can proceed quickly. For example, when sodium enolate is alkylated with alkyl halide in benzene, adding DMSO at a concentration of 0.65mol/L can make the reaction 20 times faster in DMSO than in dioxane. The exchange rate of hydrogen-deuterium in organic matter under alkali catalysis is 109 times higher in DMSO than in alcohol. In DMSO, the asymmetric α-carbon racemization rate is 106 times higher than in tert-butanol.

4. Double bond rearrangement: catalyzed by potassium tert-butoxide in DMSO to produce double bond rearrangement, and the reaction can proceed homogeneously at low temperatures.

5. Other reactions: There are many reports on the use of DMSO as the reaction solvent. Such as: quaternization of triethylamine and ethyl iodide, transesterification of higher fatty acids and glycerolipids, esterification of non-reducing sugars in the presence of sodium alkoxide, cyanoethylation of alcohols, reaction of phenyl isocyanate and mercaptans The catalytic effect of DMSO, etc., has an acceleration effect in DMSO. DMSO can also be used as a reaction solvent in ester condensation and high molecular polymers. Such as: Dicckmann reaction, dextran depolymerization, trypsin conformation transformation, acylation, etc.

In short, Industrial Uses Dimethyl Sulfoxide has opened up a new way in chemical preparation, accelerated the rate of chemical reaction, increased the yield, and prepared many new substances. It is not only a solvent, but also a new means of chemical reaction. In theory and practice All are of great significance.

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