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In The First Half Of The Year, A Year-on-year Increase Of 20%, Shanghai Yangshan Port's Container Throughput Reached A New High

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Statistics show that from January to June this year, the import and export container volume of the Yangshan Phase IV automated terminal reached 2.709 million TEUs, accounting for almost a quarter of the total container throughput of Yangshan Port. This is behind the smart supervision of Yangshan Customs. It is reported that Yangshan Customs has deployed a truck-mounted container inspection system H986 at the port. Customs deployment control instructions are directly embedded in the intelligent terminal automation operating system. The system guides container cargo to automatically pass through the machine inspection equipment, scans the generated image and transmits it to the background, which is completed by the intelligent drawing review system. Analyze and judge to achieve no interference and zero delay in container customs clearance.

At the same time, the new mode of "linkage and unloading" in Yangshan Port is attracting more and more containers in the Yangtze River Delta to "abandon land and change water". "Linkage loading and unloading" refers to the use of foreign ports as cargo loading and unloading locations and extension locations of Yangshan Port. Relevant imported goods from foreign ports can go through import clearance procedures at Yangshan Port, and be transferred directly to the foreign port by a special barge, and then directly lifted away; after the export goods have gone through the customs declaration formalities at the foreign port, they will be transported from the local port to Yangshan Port by a special barge. It can also directly carry ocean freighters to leave the country. This model solves the problems of cargo transit declaration and second arrival, and realizes “one declaration, one inspection, and one release” of imported and exported goods.

From the opening of the first ticket of the Yangshan-Taicang Port "linkage unloading" on November 3 last year to the end of last year, the business between the two ports under this new model reached 94,000 TEUs. This year, Wuhu Port of Anhui also joined in. An Anhui export company said that under the new regulatory model, the logistics time can be reduced by nearly half compared with the past. After land transportation is changed to water transportation, the logistics cost of each TEU will be reduced by about 400 yuan.

It is reported that Yangshan Customs will promote the "linkage and unloading" in batches to the three provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui, and go upstream and gradually deepen into the upper customs area of the Yangtze River Economic Belt.

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