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Improving The Quality Of Service And Creating An International Competitive Advantage in The Shipping Industry

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In recent years, China's shipping industry has developed rapidly. According to information from the China Shipbuilding Industry Association, in 2020, my country’s shipbuilding industry will maintain a leading international market share in the three major shipbuilding indicators. The transformation and upgrading of ship products has achieved remarkable results. The repair industry has achieved greater growth, new marine engineering equipment has developed rapidly, and major production and operation indicators have been completed. Better than expected. There are 1043 shipbuilding enterprises above designated size in the country, achieving main business income of 436.24 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 0.6%. Among my country’s exported marine products, bulk carriers, oil tankers and container ships still dominate, with exports accounting for 51.4% of total exports. Ship products are exported to 184 countries and regions. my country’s exports of ships to Asia, Europe and Latin America are USD 12.3 billion, USD 3.36 billion and USD 2.58 billion respectively.

According to Wang Qijun, chief analyst of Zhejiang Ship Trading Market, with the help of the Internet, high-quality offline services and traffic platforms have contributed to the rapid increase in ship transactions, but the global market situation is becoming more and more complex, and it is necessary to establish more service platform institutions to pool finances. Services, evaluation services, legal services and other capabilities to better promote the shipping industry.

"The shipping industry involves a large number of aspects and content. Related industries need to be integrated and promoted. Through shipping arbitration, shipping law and other services, to create a shipping transaction and legal service industry ecological chain can help shipping companies reduce risks and promote the development of the shipping industry. Good." said Huang Chenliang, deputy secretary general of the China Maritime Arbitration Commission (Zhejiang) Free Trade Trial Arbitration Center. It is reported that in March this year, Ningbo has issued the "Ningbo Port and Shipping Service Industry's Action Plan to Make Up for Shortcomings", proposing to carry out high-end maritime service actions, support ship trading institutions to expand overseas markets, and create an important influence in the Asia-Pacific region. An international ship trading base to cultivate internationally competitive ship trading entities. At the same time, it is necessary to vigorously develop maritime legal services and accelerate the introduction and cultivation of outstanding foreign-related legal service institutions.

Experts participating in the meeting said that not only local but also national policy attention and support have also promoted the healthy and orderly development of the shipping industry. A few days ago, the National Immigration Administration launched 16 new measures to serve shipping companies, mainly including port border inspection administrative permits "one place, regional universal"; in some land ports border inspection sites set up special channels for the "Belt and Road" for implementation. Cross-border vehicles and drivers for key projects and major projects under the Belt and Road Initiative provide convenience for customs clearance. After the new measures are implemented on June 18, the number of administrative permits handled by the national port border inspection agencies can be reduced by 20%; on average, each international sailing vessel can save 1.5 hours of berthing time in the port, further reducing the operating costs of related shipping companies and increasing production Operational efficiency.

"The '14th Five-Year Plan' is a critical period for the formation of a new pattern of international economic, political, and technological development. The shipping industry will also usher in new opportunities and challenges and become an important link for the coordinated development of the'dual cycle'." Ning Tao, director of the Research Center for Economic Policy and Development Strategy of the Academy of Sciences, believes that shipping companies should be driven by integration and innovation, continuously improve the reliability and sustainability of services, and provide high-quality support with domestic and international The dual cycle mutually promotes the formation of a new development pattern, helping my country to transform from "world factory" to "world market + world factory".

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