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Importance of potassium and phosphorus fertilizers for rice

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Phosphorus is essential in the early growth stages of rice because it helps develop a strong root system. The pH of the soil plays an important role in phosphorus availability. Many rice farmers claim that ideal phosphorus availability for rice is produced when soil pH is below 6.5 (consult a certified professional agronomist).

Potassium (K) is also very important for achieving high rice yields. Potassium (K) contributes to plant disease resistance, root growth, thickness, leaf durability, panicle initiation and development. Potassium deficiency has a significant impact on crop growth. Experienced rice farmers say they can recognize these potassium deficiencies by the following symptoms

Black spots on old leaves. Plants are dark green with yellow to brown leaves.

The lower leaves of the plant may tend to bend downward.

The upper leaves of the plant are short and shaded green.

Panicles have necrotic spots on them.

Unhealthy root condition. Roots are black in color with reduced density and length.

Early wilting of the leaves.

Experienced rice farmers can manage these problems by the following measures

Using good quality seeds with sufficient resistance to pests and diseases.

Appropriate application of nitrogen and phosphorus, but avoid overuse.

Consultation with a local licensed professional is essential.

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