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How to use urea solution for vehicles

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The urea solution for vehicles is a simple and harmless product, but it should still strictly abide by the relevant regulations when using it, because the SCR catalyst used with it is particularly sensitive to impurities.

Preventing contamination of automotive urea solutions is key to ensuring the proper functioning of SCR systems and avoiding costly repairs. For optimum performance of your vehicle (whether it is a large truck, tractor, light truck, van, bus, coach or car, etc.), do not add any substances to the vehicle urea solution, Even the addition of water can damage the catalysts in the SCR system.

Inject the vehicle urea solution into the special urea tank, and the filling port cover of the filling gun and the urea tank is clearly marked

Do not inject diesel into the urea tank

Only use special equipment when storing and adding vehicle urea solution

Keep the vehicle urea solution equipment clean and avoid dust pollution

Make sure the urea tank and seal are in good condition

Please use deionized water (or vehicle urea solution) when cleaning the special equipment for vehicle urea solution or the inside of the urea tank

Do not mix automotive urea solution with other substances such as tap water, fuel, oil or other liquids

Wear protective clothing when handling large quantities of urea solution for vehicles to prevent large spills

If the vehicle urea solution is accidentally splashed on the ground, inside the car or on the painted surface, please wash it thoroughly with water

Avoid extreme temperatures. Automotive urea solution freezes when stored at temperatures as low as -11˚C

If the vehicle urea solution freezes in the storage container, slowly heat the container until it melts into a liquid and can be reused

Avoid direct sunlight

Store below 30˚C at room temperature, otherwise the solution will decompose

If the storage container temperature is too high, cool the sealed container with water

It is strictly forbidden to inject diesel fuel into the urea tank

It is strictly forbidden to inject water or other liquids into the vehicle urea tank

Urea solution for vehicles is not an additive, do not mix the solution with other liquids

Do not use if the vehicle urea solution is contaminated with tap water or diesel oil, etc.

Do not spill the solution on the ground, as it may slip and fall or damage the ground concrete and bricks

If the solution is spilled, wash it off

Do not use the vehicle without the vehicle urea solution, this is not in compliance and will cause the vehicle to stall

Do not use ordinary urea solution and other substitutes except for vehicle urea solution, otherwise it will cause huge damage to the SCR system

Unauthorized deactivation of the SCR system is strictly prohibited, as this will affect the vehicle's warranty, and such violations will also affect the normal operation of the vehicle

Do not use dirty funnels, oil cans, etc. to fill the car urea solution

Avoid direct sunlight when the solution is stored

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