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How to use the SCR Urea

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Preventing contamination of the vehicle urea solution is the key to ensuring proper operation of the SCR system and avoiding costly repairs. For optimum performance of your vehicle (whether it is a large truck, tractor, light truck, boxcar, bus, coach or minibus, etc.) do not add anything to the automotive urea solution, even the addition of water can damage the catalyst in the SCR system.

Method of use

1.Fill the vehicle urea solution into the special urea tank, which is clearly marked on the filler gun and the filler cap of the urea tank

2.Do not fill the urea tank with diesel fuel

3.Use only special equipment when storing and adding vehicle urea solution

4.Keep the car urea solution equipment clean and avoid dust contamination

5.Ensure that the urea tank and the seal are intact

6.Use deionized water (or urea solution) when cleaning the inside of the urea solution equipment or the urea tank

7.Do not mix the urea solution with other substances, such as tap water, fuel, oil or other liquids

Wear protective clothing when handling large amounts of urea solution to prevent large spills

If you accidentally spill the urea solution on the floor, inside the car or on painted surfaces, wash thoroughly with water

8.Avoid extreme temperatures. Urea solution will freeze at storage temperatures as low as -11˚C

If the urea solution freezes in the storage container, slowly heat the container until it melts into a liquid and can be used again

9.Avoid direct sunlight

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