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How to use mineral potassium fulvic acid

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1. How to use mineral potassium fulvic acid

There are two kinds of our common finished products: one is refined products, usually packed in 1 kg, with higher price, good water solubility, and good anti-flocculation ability. It can be mixed with most fertilizers and is suitable for drip irrigation and flushing. The other is ordinary mineral potassium humate, mostly in large flakes, and the price is lower. Most are 5-10 kg bulk packaging. It can't be dissolved without water. It takes 500 or 600 kg of water to dissolve a bag. It is recommended Water after ditching and spreading.

It is advisable to use no less than 3-4 times a year, and several periods of use are recommended:

1. Before flowering

The flowering and fruit setting period requires a lot of nutrients. If the nutrient is insufficient, the flowers and buds will fall. Generally, it is not recommended to water more during the flowering period. Supplement high-phosphorus water-soluble fertilizer and mineral potassium fulvic acid before flowering.

2. Young fruit swelling period

The reason is the same as above. The young fruit swelling period is the fastest cell division period and requires a lot of nutrients. While we use the balanced macronutrients, we must also cooperate with the mineral potassium fulvic acid.

3. After bagging fruit trees, before the continuous high temperature in summer

During this period of time, mineral-source potassium fulvic acid is used. One is to allow potassium fulvic acid to continuously chelate and supply nutrients to the crops, and continue to expand in the bag. There is also an important reason: drought resistance! The mineral potassium fulvic acid flocculates in the soil and becomes a cementing agent, which combines with soil particles to form a soil complex such as humate, which becomes a water-stable aggregate structure, thereby greatly improving the air permeability, oxidation and reduction, and water permeability of the soil. With the performance of water retention, fertilizer supply and fertilizer retention, the soil water, fertilizer, gas and heat conditions are improved; the effectiveness of soil nutrients is greatly improved, and a small reservoir and small fertilizer reservoir are formed to cope with the continuous high temperature and drought in summer.

4. Before coloring

The leaves, branches, and roots of crops are exhausted when they enter the color-changing period: aging, yellowing, and degradation are serious.

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