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How to use magnesium fertilizer correctly

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How to use magnesium fertilizer correctly

1. Pay attention to the supplement of roots and leaves and to use magnesium as basal fertilizer

For the use of magnesium fertilizers, we must pay attention to the supplementation of roots and leaves, and supply magnesium nutrition to crop plants from two aspects. Some friends say that when applying basal fertilizer to crops, whether magnesium fertilizer is applied or not has little effect on the growth of crops. Yinong believes that this is wrong. First of all, there is no pure magnesium fertilizer (commercial fertilizer that supplies a certain element alone) in the fertilizer market, which means that the base fertilizer magnesium fertilizer can also supplement other elements for crops. In addition, we all know that a large amount of magnesium is required in the later stage of crops. The reason why magnesium fertilizer is still applied during the base fertilizer period is that although the amount of magnesium required in the early stage of crops is small, sufficient magnesium supply is conducive to cultivating strong plants and improving their resistance in the later stage. inverse and absorptive capacity,

2. Reasonable application of magnesium fertilizer according to different conditions

Fertilize according to different soils: Acidic soil is prone to magnesium deficiency, which is one of the reasons why magnesium deficiency is common in southern my country. The magnesium content in northern alkaline soil is slightly higher, but it is not that the higher the soil alkalinity, the higher the magnesium content. Most of the saline-alkali land in the north is seriously deficient in ionic magnesium. According to the difference of soil acidity and alkalinity, dolomite and calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizers can be used in acidic soil to adjust the acidity of soil while supplementing magnesium. Magnesium sulfate and magnesium chloride (used with caution in chlorine-avoiding crops such as grapes) can be applied to alkaline soil to supplement magnesium to adjust the soil. For soil with deteriorating soil quality, it must be improved, and magnesium and various fertilizers must be used, otherwise the crops will not absorb it, and it will be useless to supplement more.

Top dressing according to the crop growth period: For fruit trees, the appropriate time for top dressing is the period when the fruit trees have just set fruit. First, because the plant needs a large amount of magnesium during this period, and second, because too much potassium fertilizer will be applied during the fruit expansion period. Inhibits magnesium absorption. When foliar topdressing is applied, it should be fertilized several times throughout the growing period at low concentrations. For food crops, it is generally not necessary to apply top dressing at the bottom, and it can be continuously sprayed 2-3 times during the period when reproductive growth begins in the growth cycle. For solanaceous crops, the fertilization situation is basically the same as that of fruit trees, but the amount should be reduced accordingly.

3. Control the amount of magnesium fertilizer to avoid shortage, waste and fertilizer damage

Basal application: The amount of magnesium fertilizer for basic application is generally controlled at about 10-30 catties per mu. Pay attention to more in the south and less in the north, and more acid and less alkali.

Topdressing (bottom application): According to different crops, use 1-2 catties per mu for vegetables, 2-5 catties per mu for fruit trees, and increase or decrease the fruit tree according to the age of the tree. If the magnesium deficiency is serious, the number of topdressing can be increased.

Foliar spraying: For foliar spraying, the concentration of grain crops should be controlled at about 1%, vegetable crops should be controlled between 0.5%-2%, and fruit trees should be controlled between 1%-2%. The frequency of spraying can be increased to avoid increasing spray concentration.

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